How are we able to charge so little for VoIP service?

Most competing VoIP providers charge a high fixed fee for each customer on a monthly basis. Generally, that fixed fee includes unlimited calling minutes and use of a fixed set of features. These services range in price from $24.95 for residential use and up to $49.95 if you are a business user.

Our competitors make a LOT of money by charging you for unlimited calls. But, the average user doesn't make anywhere near the volume of calls to justify unlimited prices north of $10 for a residential user or $20 for a business user.

So, as a residential user when paying $24.95, you are really paying for about $15 of service you will never use. Yes, monthly fixed pricing is predictable. But, predictable at 2 or 3 times as expensive is hardly worth it. For example, you still need to pay monthly fees even when you don’t use your phone service- like when you are on vacation.

And as a business user when paying $49.95, you are really paying for about $30 of service you will never use. Furthermore, it doesn't make sense to pay for unlimited calling on phones in the lobby, conference rooms, public areas, or even on desks for users that don’t make a lot of calls.

With VoIPVoIP, we charge for what you use, nothing more.

VoIPVoIP revolutionizes the way people subscribe to telephone service. Pay-as-you-Go plan has no monthly fees, no expiration, no contract, and just enables cheap phone calls wherever VoIP works with any VoIP device. Learn more...

Our cost to deliver service is lower

We are not reselling someone else’s service. We built VoIPVoIP from the ground up. Why does this matter? Most of our competitors are simply reselling a VoIP service they purchased from an underlying vendor. Unfortunately (for these competitors), they have to pay the underlying vendor a monthly license fee for each user. So, when a competitor charges $49.95 or $24.95 per user, they have to pay $10, $20 and sometimes more to a platform vendor per user each month! You can compare our prices with some other providers at one of review sites such as Business Telephone Systems.

We have spent years developing and perfecting our platform with no underlying vendors to pay license fees to. Therefore, we can pass significant savings on to you.

Better International rates

If you are making any international calls you would notice that with most of the VoIP providers although all in country calls are free the prices for international calls are much higher.

We always try to offer the best prices possible for international calls and VoIPVoIP constantly aims to negotiate better deals with suppliers to pass this discount on to our customers! By buying in bulk from major carriers and using state of the art technology VoIPVoIP is able to significantly undercut other voip providers for international calling.

Single account access

Although VoIP can work at any location with high speed Internet access, with most VoIP service providers you are still locked to a service that can be used at only one location.

With VoIPVoIP, you open one VoIP account, and you can use the service at home to replace your phone company, you can use the same account at the office or on the road with your PC, even with your mobile phone - if you have one of the new generation GMS/VoIP hybrid phones.

Bring Your Own Device Option

While most VoIP service providers insist on supplying VoIP device, which usually is locked so it only works with one service provider, with VoIPVoIP, you have the freedom to use virtually any softphone, VoIP adapter, gateway, IP phone, or IP PBX system you choose, as long as it supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

If you are unhappy for some reason, your capital investment in phones is protected as the phones can be used with many other services.

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With bring your own device option, we provide easy to understand configuration guides for many popular manufacturers. Learn more..

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